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APRIL 2017
Worldz in Westminster

Worldz at Made in Italy by iStarter in London.

The event has been organised by iStarter, founded by Simone Cimminelli;  it is the Italian angels-led accelerator in London. They select the most innovative Italian startups and help them to scale globally.

Each year iStarter selects digital startups lead by Italian entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable metrics, and presents them to an audience of international investors.

Worldz has been selected to participate to this important event in London, in Westminster in the afternoon and an evening with investors in the Houses of Parliament.

Joshua Priore has pitched in front of 200 investors and venture capital funds, London based and international.

Worldz is a tool for e-commerce which understands Facebook users popularity, giving them an economic value. This value will be used as a daily discount for their purchases on Worldz ecommerce partners. When customers do purchases they have to share the post on Facebook to get the discounts. This makes ecommerce cooler than before.
Users will play with the theory of WOMM (word of mouth marketing) to increase e-commerce impact and conversions!

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MARCH 2017
CLOSED with SUCCESS! The Sharewood crowdfunding campaign.

Sharewood's crowdfunding campaign has been hugely successful with an overfunding of 300% and 160+ investors, who trust the team and the business. This number of investors is an absolute record for Italy, in a single crowdfunding campaign.

Sharewood is a large community of outdoor sports enthusiasts who exchange equipment, information and a true passion for sport.

Today this campaign closes, after which you will have 5 days to send the funds for your equity investment by bank transfer to CrowdFundME.

But today it is really the last chance, to be part of the Sharewood startup success story, at the current valuation of €3mio.

Founder and CEO of Sharewood is Piercarlo Mansueto. At the centre of the picture.

Co-founder is Giulia Trombin, on his left in the picture. Sharewood has a cohesive team of 12 members who are all outdoor sports practitioners. In the picture we see part of the team at #Slush16, while they were in Finland at the Vertical Health and Sports Accelerator.

About us:

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood and our CEO Marnix Groet is board member and advisor for Sharewood.

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Worldz closes a round of funding

Milan, February 8, 2017: after the success on social networks, taken up by web agencies of the caliber of StartupItalia!, AGI, and the RAI, today Worldz makes headlines with the closing of a private round of financing of € 150k.

The startup, which has been "live" for several months, with a service that accelerates the activity of eCommerces through the sharing of purchases on social networks, has concluded a number of contracts with corporate customers in recent months.

Ready, therefore, to scale and validate the initial metrics, which are very positive, and to make each of us a mini-influencer or advisor in our community of friends and acquaintances, and thus monetizing our social value.

About Creative Thinking  Ventures
Creative Thinking Ventures is a French fund of micro venture capital, which operates in the pre-seed stage of the life of startups, and accompanying them with mentoring and advisory services.
The aim is to overcome the "valley of death", achieve growth and validation of the market, and the closure of a round of financing.

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Worldz scaling up is Live!

The plugin is installed on various e-commerce sites, and with the updated metrics, it's now time to raise funds and scale the business.

The founder, Joshua Priore wants to expand his team with Senior Managers / Angel Investors (so called Business Angels), who can contribute €€€, and possibly, with the right skills, also W4E (work for equity).

You think you have the right skillset?

With experience in selling software and management of digital products or high-level negotiation skills in B2B, please get in touch directly on the website of Worldz, or just now, on this site.

Worldz is making headlines, of the top Italian web information sites like StartupItalia!, Ninja Marketing and Facciamo Impresa, and newspapers like Eco di Bergamo, Il Resto del Carlino, or broadcasting stations like Radio Kaos, Radio1 Rai, etc. etc.

The Worldz model, based on measuring your influence, sharing your purchases and advising your network is explained in this informative article, just published on "Che Storie", the website about startups, the web, innovation, and much more.

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Success ! Sharewood achieves 100% crowdfunding

Startup Sharewood reaches 100% funding for the crowdfunding campaign on CrowdFundME.

3 days in advance of the scheduled date, the campaign has been successfully completed, with a significant overfunding.

50+ investors have confirmed that they believe in Sharewood's business model, and that they trust the team to scale-up.

Sharewood's team accepts a reasonable level of overfunding, so, the campaign is, for now, still open to additional investments and newcomers.

Sharewood is the leading European peer-to-peer social marketplace and network that enables people to list or rent outdoor equipment for snow sport, water sport and biking.

The acceleration programme in Vertical has now been completed.

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood, and has invested, pre-seed, at the birth of the company.

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50+ INVESTORS ! Sharewood going strong

Excellent result for Sharewood on CrowdFundME. More than 50 investors have confirmed their trust in the startup.

Sharewood is the leading European peer-to-peer social marketplace and network, that enables people to list or rent outdoor equipment for snow sport, water sport and biking.

The startup has won the first edition of Startup Italian Open at #BTO2016 Buy Tourism Online. And this has certainly been instrumental in gaining even more attention of the investors.

Currently accelerated in Vertical, Sharewood is scaling-up to the next round of investment. Once the crowdfunding campaign is completed.

In May 2017 the timimg should be right as the prize the team has won, participating at the PhocusWright Europe conference in Amsterdam, will be a great chance to get noticed internationally.

Phocuswright is the travel industry research authority on how travelers, suppliers and intermediaries connect.

The platform for crowdfunding, CrowdFundME, has shown, again, that it is the right means for startups to finance their growth.

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November 2016
+50% funding reached! Milestone for Sharewood.

The crowdfunding campaign on CrowdFundMe is working out well for Sharewood.

Well over 50% was an important achievement in this fundraising activity to finance the growth of Sharewood.

The team led by Piercarlo Mansueto is actively supporting the campaign with on and offline marketing and promotional activity. As is also the crowdfunding platform CrowdFundMe, managed by Tommaso Baldissera Pacchetti.

Thanks to the 32 new investors who are already supporting Sharewood.


There are still a few weeks left to join this campaign, which is probably going to be widely in overfunding.

Website Sharewood

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October 2016
TocTocBox on Eppela crowdfunding platform has been until November 8 on the Eppela reward crowdfunding platform. The campaign started on September 29 and lasted for 40 days to find supporters and contributors for this sharing economy startup, which offers an essential service to the whole community.

The funds raised through Eppela would be used to:

a) fund the development of a responsive website in order to extend the possibilities of use of TocTocBox to desktop PC's, and integrate the already existing mobile apps for iOS and Android;

b) support, on a more continuous basis, the massive dissemination of the service through expansion of the community of users, this is required to improve the service itself.

For more information go to in the section projects.

TocTocBox is the first collaborative platform that connects those who want to send with those who travel. To offer a service which is beneficial and reliable. So, shipping is made easier with verified travelers, and, also, traveling becomes more affordable, by covering part of your expenses.


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October 2016
Sharewood is crowdfunding on

Sharewood is equity crowdfunding on the top Italian CrowdFundMe platform.

This is a great chance to become part of this cohesive outdoor sports community! As a co-owner of this promising startup. is the first peer-to-peer platform in Europe that connects the owners of sports equipment such as bikes, skis, surfboards, with travelers interested in renting them.

The rental market of sports equipment has long existed, but the approach of Sharewood is totally new: linking, easily and simply, people who until now had difficulty to meet.

The rental process is quick and easy. Found the required category of equipment, and entered the place of withdrawal, in a few clicks you can choose between the various products, submit your request to the owners and complete the process with the payment.

On the other hand, for sports equipment owners, Sharewood is a very simple way to access an additional source of income, transforming equipment accumulated over the years in an economic value and revenue.

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June 2016
Sharewood wins the finals at Edison Pulse #IW16 - StartupItalia! for category #sharingeconomy

Sharewood wins the Edison Pulse competition #IW16, organized with StartupItalia and presented by Arcangelo Rocciola and Riccardo Luna. Supported by David Casalini.

Piercarlo Mansueto did a convincing pitch to the qualified jury and explained the reasons for the success of the startup in outdoor sports. Developing an living community of active enthusiasts.

In the picture Piercarlo, Giulia Trombin and Andrea Panzeri holding the prize they just received.

The service offered is typical of the sharing economy, and responds to a real need, and has popularity with sports practitioners, and Italian and foreign tourists. Who want to pick up their equipment directly in Italy, while on holiday.

50% of users are Italian while the other 50% of users come from abroad.

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January 2016
Invited on the expert panel of #diventaunamusa organized by MIP and Innovits

InnoVits Gymnasium is a "gym" for the development of start-ups, in which a team of mentors and tutors with professional experience in different fields, and certified by InnoVits Academy, follows promising new companies, in an accelerated path that applies and develops business ideas, according to a structured program.

In collaboration with MIP, InnoVits helps to spread the culture of innovation through an experiential approach, with the aim of forming reference points for businesses, and new inspiring muses, for the practical implementation of new business initiatives.

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January 2015
Visit to the French incubator in Chambéry - Le Parc d’Activités de Côte-Rousse

Showcase of the vitality and diversity of businesses in the town, the business park welcomes nearly one hundred companies from all industries: light industrial, business services and individuals.

By enabling young entrepreneurs and experienced business owners to rub shoulders everyone is enriched by the experience and expertise of others.

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March 2015
Creative Thinking Ventures invited to the Global Entrepreneurship Congress Milan

Every year, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress gathers together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and other startup champions from more than 160 countries to identify new ways of helping founders start, and scale new ventures, around the world.

At the weeklong GEC, delegates make connections, gain insights, learn about new research, and leave, ready to renew their programs, policy ideas or firm founder skills.

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March 2015
Allpolyglot participates to Expo delle Startup, an event at Il Sole 24 Ore in Milan

The main aim of Allpolyglot's team was to obtain contacts with investors and visibility. The two founders Davide Ballotta and Enrico Fusto were interviewed by the RAI. This was the only startup interviewed, as being one of the most promising present at the event.

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April 2015
Creative Thinking Ventures at Disruptive Week Milan #DWM2015

The internet of things and "disruptive" technologies, such as robotics and wearable technologies are revolutionizing the world of industry, including traditional Made in Italy.

This is a great place to find original and creative ideas, in line with our targets.

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May 2015
Pre-seed investment in TocTocBox

Creative Thinking Ventures participates in the equity crowdfunding campaign of on the portal

The fast and sustainable alternative to traditional shipping methods.

TocTocBox is the first collaborative platform that connects those who need to ship with those who travel, to offer an advantageous and reliable service.

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june 2015
Allpoyglot pitches at ClubDeal BTW24 at Il Sole 24 Ore in Milan

The foreign languages marketplace presents to investors and investment funds at the headquarters of the Italian financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

Allpolyglot is a marketplace for “live” Peer 2 Peer foreign language lessons. A web space and platform for sharing with others your personal knowledge of your country, language and culture.

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july 2015
Participating to The Social Business Forum in Milan #SBF15

Embrace digital disruption! This SBF is the leading forum for social business, and serves to spread awareness about social business and the implications of digital disruption on organizations.

To foster discussion and collaboration between practitioners and stakeholders, as well as present and conceive best practices.

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july 2015
Pre-seed investment in Sharewood

Pre-seed investiment and advisory in the founding of

Sharewood is a vertical community of outdoor and sports enthusiasts. It offers a marketplace for renting the equipment to perform these activities.

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september 2015
Seed investment in TocTocBox

The founders of and Creative Thinking Ventures reinforce their cooperation and the company becomes a minority reference shareholder, and advisor to the team through our consultancy division GroetConsulting.

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october 2015
Creative Thinking Ventures invited to participate to Italia RestartsUp #italiarestartsup

This event is organized by ICE of the Italian Trade Agency

The international event, organized in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, aims to be a meeting point between Italian start-ups, foreign investors, local authorities and agencies specialized in supporting innovative start-ups.

During the initiative there are thematic meetings, seminars and conferences, as well as moments of networking and B2B contact between foreign investors and Italian start-ups.

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november 2015
Creative Thinking Ventures invited to attend Unbound Digital London #unbounddigital

Creative Thinking Ventures invited to attend Unbound Digital London #unbounddigital

UnBound London is the UK’s most exciting innovation festival connecting leaders and growth stage companies from digital ecosystems around the world.

Themed around open innovation and the future of digital, with creative insights on the connected consumer, creativity of communications and the internet of everything, the two day innovation festival connects brands and global corporations with disruptive technology to fuel innovation and growth.

This is the place where entrepreneurs, influencers and corporate leaders from US, Europe and Asia meet.

Creative Thinking Ventures was present at this event with the startup Sharewood

Our company profile at the event:

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december 2015
Creative Thinking Ventures collaborates with the Open Summit of StartupItalia! #SIOS15

This has been the first event of this kind and magnitude in Italy. Our company was invited as one of the investment funds in startups and our CEO was invited on the panel of jury members. The event was organized by StartupItalia! at

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January 2016
Pre-seed investment in Worldz

Worldz is a tool / plugin for ecommerce. It is disrupting the way commerce and retail works, with WOMM (word of mouth marketing).

Creative Thinking Ventures is working closely with the team which is based at Talent Garden, and is being accelerated by LAB Creative Thinking.

Our consultancy division GroetConsulting is acting as advisor to this promising startup.

The website is now beyond the initial stealth mode, and is LIVE!

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November 2014
Allpolyglot participates to Websummit in Dublin

The Alpha startup Allpolyglot present at stand EDU 101 in the Education sector at the Village of the Websummit. Contact with key investors and users, such as potential English teachers and foreign students wanting to use the website to learn, with "live" lessons.

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October 2014
Pre-seed investment in Allpolyglot

Pre-seed investiment and advisory in the language marketplace Allpolyglot. The startup, based in London, specialises in Peer 2 Peer foreign language lessons. More information on

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September 2014
Creative Thinking Ventures at Salon Créer Lille

This is a major startup event in Northern France. Attended by support companies and organizations, like ourselves, to help the setup and growth of startups, and agencies specialized in supporting innovative start-ups

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June 2014
Creative Thinking Ventures participates to Expo Delle Startup in Milan

A two day event created by Francesco Mantegazzini and promoted by Regione Lombardia and CCAlps, with 200 startups present.


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