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Sharewood is crowdfunding on

Sharewood is equity crowdfunding on the top Italian CrowdFundMe platform.

This is a great chance to become part of this cohesive outdoor sports community! As a co-owner of this promising startup. is the first peer-to-peer platform in Europe that connects the owners of sports equipment such as bikes, skis, surfboards, with travelers interested in renting them.

The rental market of sports equipment has long existed, but the approach of Sharewood is totally new: linking, easily and simply, people who until now had difficulty to meet.

The rental process is quick and easy. Found the required category of equipment, and entered the place of withdrawal, in a few clicks you can choose between the various products, submit your request to the owners and complete the process with the payment.

On the other hand, for sports equipment owners, Sharewood is a very simple way to access an additional source of income, transforming equipment accumulated over the years in an economic value and revenue.

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