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TocTocBox on Eppela crowdfunding platform has been until November 8 on the Eppela reward crowdfunding platform. The campaign started on September 29 and lasted for 40 days to find supporters and contributors for this sharing economy startup, which offers an essential service to the whole community.

The funds raised through Eppela would be used to:

a) fund the development of a responsive website in order to extend the possibilities of use of TocTocBox to desktop PC's, and integrate the already existing mobile apps for iOS and Android;

b) support, on a more continuous basis, the massive dissemination of the service through expansion of the community of users, this is required to improve the service itself.

For more information go to in the section projects.

TocTocBox is the first collaborative platform that connects those who want to send with those who travel. To offer a service which is beneficial and reliable. So, shipping is made easier with verified travelers, and, also, traveling becomes more affordable, by covering part of your expenses.


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