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50+ INVESTORS ! Sharewood going strong

Sharewood is completing the campaign on CrowdFundME

Excellent result for Sharewood on CrowdFundME. More than 50 investors have confirmed their trust in the startup.

Sharewood is the leading European peer-to-peer social marketplace and network, that enables people to list or rent outdoor equipment for snow sport, water sport and biking.

The startup has won the first edition of Startup Italian Open at #BTO2016 Buy Tourism Online. And this has certainly been instrumental in gaining even more attention of the investors.

Currently accelerated in Vertical, Sharewood is scaling-up to the next round of investment. Once the crowdfunding campaign is completed.

In May 2017 the timimg should be right as the prize the team has won, participating at the PhocusWright Europe conference in Amsterdam, will be a great chance to get noticed internationally.

Phocuswright is the travel industry research authority on how travelers, suppliers and intermediaries connect.

The platform for crowdfunding, CrowdFundME, has shown, again, that it is the right means for startups to finance their growth.

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