CLOSED with SUCCESS! The Sharewood crowdfunding campaign. |
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CLOSED with SUCCESS! The Sharewood crowdfunding campaign.

This was the last chance!

March 8, the crowdfunding campaign on CrowdFundME has closed.

Sharewood's crowdfunding campaign has been hugely successful with an overfunding of 300% and 160+ investors, who trust the team and the business. This number of investors is an absolute record for Italy, in a single crowdfunding campaign.

Sharewood is a large community of outdoor sports enthusiasts who exchange equipment, information and a true passion for sport.

Today this campaign closes, after which you will have 5 days to send the funds for your equity investment by bank transfer to CrowdFundME.

But today it is really the last chance, to be part of the Sharewood startup success story, at the current valuation of €3mio.

Founder and CEO of Sharewood is Piercarlo Mansueto. At the centre of the picture.

Co-founder is Giulia Trombin, on his left in the picture. Sharewood has a cohesive team of 12 members who are all outdoor sports practitioners. In the picture we see part of the team at #Slush16, while they were in Finland at the Vertical Health and Sports Accelerator.

About us:

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood and our CEO Marnix Groet is board member and advisor for Sharewood.

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