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Worldz is new Media Partner of Crazy Web Shopping

Crazy Web Shopping is promoted by Netcomm, and is dedicated to ecommerce in Italy

Netcomm, the Italian Electronic Commerce Consortium, the reference point for e-commerce in Italy, and internationally.

This is a key partnership for the startup Worldz.

On June 22 and 23 the fifth edition of Crazy Web Shopping takes place. A 30 hours, non-stop, online purchase event with discounts of up to 80%. It works as follows: in a set time frame, consumers will gain access to highly affordable and exclusive shopping opportunities by hundreds of qualified ecommerce stores.

Worldz has now become media partner of the Crazy Web Shopping initiative (see screen shot).

The next edition is tomorrow, and will be held on starting at 12:00 on June 22, and finishing at 18:00 on June 23.

Want to know more about Worldz? Follow this link.

If you need investment information, please follow this link to Worldz' founding investor.

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