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TocTocBox launches new interactive website

TocTocBox® completes the multidevice offering, with iOS and Android Apps and an interactive website.

TocTocBox® has a new website for the enjoyment of a multidevice service.
One of the first innovative startups in Italy to launch the campaign on CrowdFundMe by collecting € 95,000, is redesigning and evolving its site.
The typical sharing economy service launches a new website that significantly improves usage experience.

An additional lever to allow so many users to easily ship their belongings through the help of so many travelers who are now part of the first TocTocBox sharing community.

The new comes with a clear visual and impact that is consistent with brand look & feel.
A new service content and an immediate home page that allows users to explore with a few clicks the search for items.

For travelers to find items to be sent, or to enter a travel ad. For those wanting to ship an opportunity to send goods and important objects with a trusted community member. The website allows you to enter a shipping ad and to find your ideal traveler.

Creative Thinking Ventures is seed investor in TocTocBox.

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