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Worldz starts Equity Crowdfunding on Opstart Platform

Message to all the Worldz fans!

End of January is the official start of the equity crowdfunding campaign you have all been waiting for. You can now be a co-owner of the digital startup Worldz.

The innovator in social media, for all of us to <Be Social and Be an Influencer> with the slogans:

"Be Social Pay Less"- #BeSocialPayLess

"Share for Reward" - #ShareForReward

Patience, just a few days more ...

But when the campaign opens (end of January) you should be ready, we expect that it will sell out quite quickly. Worldz has thousands of followers and supporters.

The teaser page on the Opstart platform meanwhile is up and running, if you want to have a look follow the Link.

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Worldz. If you would like to know more, or want the point of view of a VC regarding Worldz, we will be happy to answer any questions:

Worldz is a startup accelerated by LAB Creative Thinking.

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