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June 2020 - Mazzanti Automobili.

The Italian manufacturer of handcrafted Supercars designed and built "tailor made" for the customer.

The exclusivity of the cars comes from the passion and experience of the Mazzanti Automobili team. Attention to detail, comfort and high performance have always been the hallmarks of the brand.
Today known and appreciated all over the world, it is synonymous with solidity and competence in the automotive field of excellence. The prestige and fame gained derive from the high credibility acquired over the years, thanks to the presentation of projects that are always concrete and real, and culminated with the arrival of Evantra, the Supercar tailored to the customer.

Evantra's philosophy focuses on driving pleasure. Lightness, power and balance, factors that are usually difficult to blend, come together here in a natural way.
The weight of the car, of only 1300 kg, is centralized to the maximum and its 751 horsepower give the sensations of a racing car through impressive handling and reactivity, but which transmit surprising comfort in everyday driving. .
Every single component of the Evantra is thought, designed and built to thrill the driver.

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