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We operate since 2009: we build on the original ideas in businesses and search for the creativity in the approach to market.

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What we do

Creative Thinking Ventures helps to start up new companies providing initial capital such as pre-seed funding, an advisory service for startups and business development consultancy for SMEs.

Pre seed

This is earliest stage, when there is almost nothing but ideas and where the startup, most of the times, is not even formed.


We offer an approach very close to the CEO and his team in order to assess the risk and often the risk of turning into benefits for the company itself .

Business plans

This is the main tool for the startupper himself, and for investors as well, to evaluate the idea and its strengths and weaknesses, plusses and minuses, market growth and maturity of concept.


In this phase the capital investment happens in the start of production, when the company already exists, but the commercial potential of the product or service is still unknown

latest projects

Successfull supported startups since 2009.


May 2015 -  TocTocBox Peer 2 Peer delivery service, Shipping made Easy & Travel more Affordable.

Shipping with verified travellers is easier and reliable. Traveling is more affordable if you are covering part of your expenses.

The first collaborative platform that connects those who want to send, with those who travel. To offer a service, which is beneficial and reliable.

Typical of the sharingeconomy, TocTocBox puts people who live an active life in contact. Where people who travel regularly on a route, or travel for leisure to another city, are put into contact with people needing an accurate and fast delivery. Performed personally by the chosen peer.

The quality of service is certified by the feedback given to users.

The APP for iOS and Android works seamlessly to make contact and service easy in a step by step guided process.

The team is made up of professionals who are complementary in their background.

TocTocBox has successfully raised seed money with a equity crowdfunding campaign on, which was the seventh completed in Italy.

YoutubeFacebook  - Twitter - LinkedIn- Website TocTocBox







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July 2015 - Sharewood is a vertical community of sports and outdoor enthusiasts.  And a marketplace as well, though the sharing economy between users is definitely prominent.

A community of people with a common interest for outdoor activity, and a marketplace for renting the equipment that goes with it. Sharewood has thousands of users who share the common interest for an active and sporty lifestyle.

The startup is managed by a young and dynamic team of founders and developers, who are 100% on the project, to develop Sharewood in Europe. And the results are clearly visible in the metrics and traction.

This team is a perfect fit with their community.

March 2017 - Sharewood closes a crowdfunding round, raising €232k from 167 investors, with a 300% overfunding. 7,2% equity at a valuation of €3Mio.


Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood, and has invested, pre-seed, at the birth of the company.

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January 2016 - Worldz is a disruptive tool for ecommerce, it monetizes the social popularity of each of us. A true innovation on the web. It uses the theory of WOMM (word of mouth marketing, Wikipedia) to increase e-commerce impact and conversions.

On one side Worldz provides a network for e-commerce based businesses, which allows companies to increase their commercial impact and sales conversions. On the other side, it also deals with customers individually, rewarding popularity, and assuring a deeper customer loyalty towards these web based businesses.

To explain how it works, the startup has made a demo website, with the latest features available, press button here.

Worldz is a community of advisors and a tool/plugin specifically designed for e-commerce. Through an algorithm, it understands users popularity and impact on Facebook and it gives them an economic value. This value is then used as a discount for their purchases with e-commerce partners. The start up's slogan “Share more, Pay Less” reflects the underlying social innovation, if you want to know more about the impact that Worldz is making, read this article (in Italian) in StartupItalia!

Worldz is live! now, the plugin is available for Woocommerce, Prestashop and Magento.

The team is being completed with senior professionals and is 100% on the project. Worldz is guided by a visionary and creative leader, fully equipped to bring the talent of the team to disrupt the current paradigm in online commerce. If you would like to be part of Worldz as an Angel Investor / Business Angel in W4E and investing ‎€, or if you would like to participate in the next fundraising round, please contact us here: contact Creative Thinking Ventures.

February 2017 - Worldz closes a private round of financing.

Follow this link to the LinkedIN profile of Worldz, regular posts and updates on FaceBook and Worldz is an active tweeter on Twitter. Information in video format, in this Youtube video, featuring Joshua Priore, the founder of World

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Worldz, and has invested, pre-seed, at the birth of the company.

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October 2016 - Do Tandem a new 0ne-2-Many chat for Android. Learn foreign languages, an innovative APP, that allows people to meet new and interesting people in the city where they are living.

Do Tandem is the natural evolution in the App world of the language marketplace Allpolyglot.

On the DoTandem App you can search the language you want to learn, scroll between people's profile and contact your new smart teacher by setting a call, by chatting, or by dating him/her in your city.

Thanks to DoTandem you will:


  • Learn languages by speaking
  • Meet new and amazing people
  • Discover new places and cultures in your city


Nobody has to pay to search and look for a teacher profile. We don’t require to login either.

If you find someone interesting and you want to contact him/her you can choose between a monthly, semester or yearly subscription.

What problem do we solve?

>>> To be really fluent in a foreign language you must speak with natives and not just be studying grammar.

Talk with natives and try to express yourself in a foreign language is the best school to improve and increase your languages skills.

For that reason DoTandem allows you to meet people in your city on the basis of the language that you want to learn. Thanks to DoTandem you can look for the teacher you like and propose to chat, talk by phone or meet him/her in person.

Talk and chat with natives is better than spending a lot of time studying grammar.

>>> Meet someone interesting is not easy and a lot of companies are proposing dating apps, like Meetic does.

But, breaking the ice with someone that we don’t know is not for everybody.

We think that languages are a huge vehicle to start an interesting conversation and break the ice. For this reason through Do Tandem we propose an approach based on the needs to learn languages that can naturally and gradually lead, after chat or call with the person, to an interesting meeting.

Find someone interesting is easier if we use the vehicle of foreign languages.


Do Tandem is managed by a team of experienced international professionals who have “lived” the cultural shock of living abroad.

The website is now online at

Do Tandem links here: Website - Facebook

Previous project on Twitter          





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We are about sales development and sales organization. Success requires a total dedication to the satisfaction of your customer’s needs. This is about attitude. But it is not enough; doing the right things at the right moment to exceed your customers’ expectations requires to be organized. We can help you !

  • 1.Start up new sales.
    Starting up new businesses and markets. We have helped in start-up situations and with startup companies, validating business plans and the all important execution.
  • 2.Organize your salesforce.
    So that every minute of your salesmen delivers the most results, and is used at its best. An organized salesman succeeds.
  • 3.Train your salesforce.
    Motivate them with your level of motivation. Selling is always the most difficult task, and a trained salesman has many more possibilities to close the deal.
  • 4.Develop your Business.
    Structure your sales and business organization, develop it efficient and performing. Are you an established industry or a startup, we can help you to develop.

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MAY 2017

Sharewood wins the Consumer Tech Award - Millennial "Traveller" in London

Sharewood wins the Millennial Traveller at #M2020 !

Piercarlo Mansueto, the CEO of startup Sharewood does it again, and wins the Travel & Hospitality category finals at the Millennial 20/20 Summit in London, at the Old Truman Brewery. With the presence and support of Danilo Mazzara.

Great Job. This event is promoted by Accenture Travel, Forbes, CNBC, The Economist and Samsung.

Also in the finals were Conichi and Esplorio.

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood.

APRIL 2017

Worldz in Westminster

Worldz at Made in Italy by iStarter in London.

The event has been organised by iStarter, founded by Simone Cimminelli;  it is the Italian angels-led accelerator in London. They select the most innovative Italian startups and help them to scale globally.

Each year iStarter selects digital startups lead by Italian entrepreneurs who have achieved remarkable metrics, and presents them to an audience of international investors.

Worldz has been selected to participate to this important event in London, in Westminster in the afternoon and an evening with investors in the Houses of Parliament.

Joshua Priore has pitched in front of 200 investors and venture capital funds, London based and international.

Worldz is a tool for e-commerce which understands Facebook users popularity, giving them an economic value. This value will be used as a daily discount for their purchases on Worldz ecommerce partners. When customers do purchases they have to share the post on Facebook to get the discounts. This makes ecommerce cooler than before.
Users will play with the theory of WOMM (word of mouth marketing) to increase e-commerce impact and conversions!

MARCH 2017

CLOSED with SUCCESS! The Sharewood crowdfunding campaign.

Sharewood's crowdfunding campaign has been hugely successful with an overfunding of 300% and 160+ investors, who trust the team and the business. This number of investors is an absolute record for Italy, in a single crowdfunding campaign.

Sharewood is a large community of outdoor sports enthusiasts who exchange equipment, information and a true passion for sport.

Today this campaign closes, after which you will have 5 days to send the funds for your equity investment by bank transfer to CrowdFundME.

But today it is really the last chance, to be part of the Sharewood startup success story, at the current valuation of €3mio.

Founder and CEO of Sharewood is Piercarlo Mansueto. At the centre of the picture.

Co-founder is Giulia Trombin, on his left in the picture. Sharewood has a cohesive team of 12 members who are all outdoor sports practitioners. In the picture we see part of the team at #Slush16, while they were in Finland at the Vertical Health and Sports Accelerator.

About us:

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood and our CEO Marnix Groet is board member and advisor for Sharewood.


Worldz closes a round of funding

Milan, February 8, 2017: after the success on social networks, taken up by web agencies of the caliber of StartupItalia!, AGI, and the RAI, today Worldz makes headlines with the closing of a private round of financing of € 150k.

The startup, which has been "live" for several months, with a service that accelerates the activity of eCommerces through the sharing of purchases on social networks, has concluded a number of contracts with corporate customers in recent months.

Ready, therefore, to scale and validate the initial metrics, which are very positive, and to make each of us a mini-influencer or advisor in our community of friends and acquaintances, and thus monetizing our social value.

About Creative Thinking  Ventures
Creative Thinking Ventures is a French fund of micro venture capital, which operates in the pre-seed stage of the life of startups, and accompanying them with mentoring and advisory services.
The aim is to overcome the "valley of death", achieve growth and validation of the market, and the closure of a round of financing.

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