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We operate since 2009: we build on the original ideas in businesses and search for the creativity in the approach to market.

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What we do

Creative Thinking Ventures helps to start up new companies providing initial capital such as pre-seed funding, an advisory service for startups and business development consultancy for SMEs.

Pre seed

This is earliest stage, when there is almost nothing but ideas and where the startup, most of the times, is not even formed.


We offer an approach very close to the CEO and his team in order to assess the risk and often the risk of turning into benefits for the company itself .

Business plans

This is the main tool for the startupper himself, and for investors as well, to evaluate the idea and its strengths and weaknesses, plusses and minuses, market growth and maturity of concept.


In this phase the capital investment happens in the start of production, when the company already exists, but the commercial potential of the product or service is still unknown

latest projects

Successfull supported startups since 2009.


July 2015 - Sharewood is a vertical community of sports and outdoor enthusiasts.  And a marketplace as well, though the sharing economy between users is definitely prominent.

A community of people with a common interest for outdoor activity, and a marketplace for renting the equipment that goes with it. Sharewood has thousands of users who share the common interest for an active and sporty lifestyle.

The startup is managed by a young and dynamic team of founders and developers, who are 100% on the project, to develop Sharewood in Europe. And the results are clearly visible in the metrics and traction.

This team is a perfect fit with their community.

March 2017 - Sharewood closes a crowdfunding round, raising €232k from 167 investors, with a 300% overfunding. 7,2% equity at a valuation of €3Mio.


Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood, and has invested, pre-seed, at the birth of the company.

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January 2016 - Worldz is a disruptive tool for ecommerce, it monetizes the social popularity of each of us. A true innovation on the web. It uses the theory of WOMM (word of mouth marketing, Wikipedia) to increase e-commerce impact and conversions.

On one side Worldz provides a network for e-commerce based businesses, which allows companies to increase their commercial impact and sales conversions. On the other side, it also deals with customers individually, rewarding popularity, and assuring a deeper customer loyalty towards these web based businesses.

To explain how it works, the startup has made a demo website, with the latest features available, press button here.

Worldz is a community of advisors and a tool/plugin specifically designed for e-commerce. Through an algorithm, it understands users popularity and impact on Facebook and it gives them an economic value. This value is then used as a discount for their purchases with e-commerce partners. The start up's slogan “Share more, Pay Less” reflects the underlying social innovation, if you want to know more about the impact that Worldz is making, read this article (in Italian) in StartupItalia!

Worldz is live! now, the plugin is available for Woocommerce, Prestashop and Magento.

The team is being completed with senior professionals and is 100% on the project. Worldz is guided by a visionary and creative leader, fully equipped to bring the talent of the team to disrupt the current paradigm in online commerce. If you would like to be part of Worldz as an Angel Investor / Business Angel in W4E and investing ‎€, or if you would like to participate in the next fundraising round, please contact us here: contact Creative Thinking Ventures.

February 2017 - Worldz closes a private round of financing.

Follow this link to the LinkedIN profile of Worldz, regular posts and updates on FaceBook and Worldz is an active tweeter on Twitter. Information in video format, in this Youtube video, featuring Joshua Priore, the founder of World

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Worldz, and has invested, pre-seed, at the birth of the company.

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January 2017 - GardenStuff is a very interesting young company that has been able to innovate, in a substantial way, and patent-protected, in an "ancient" field such as gardening and decoration.
And in fact, most competitors work as they always did, with products always the same.

But obviously so old it is not, if someone can start an innovative startup in Italy, working on the clever decoration of our windowsills and balconies.
Safety first, any solution needs to be decorative and safe.

GardenStuff innovates by combining highly decorative products with utmost security, and is proposing this on its websites and by ecommerce.

Gardenstuff was founded by Francesco Tirinnanzi and his team and is present in the best Italian gardenstores, in the large specialized superstores and also online.

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Gardenstuff together and in collaboration with Team2Grow, an Italian alternative finance company.

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October 2017 -  The Social Lender is an online social lending platform to finance business and lend money safely..

This process is based on an expanding community in which "Applicants" and "Lenders" can interact directly.

"Loan Applicants" - Legal entities such as companies, SMEs, franchisers, franchisees, startups all have a new opportunity to finance their business at a competitive rate.

"Lenders" - Individuals professionals and not, investors, public and private institutions, retail and investment banks, investment funds and ventures now all have a new opportunity to participate in the offering of a loan to selected projects. An excellent way to place liquidity at the service of worthwhile projects while earning an attractive interest rate, and a possibility to insure the capital.

All projects are evaluated and rated by the platform.

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in The Social Lender.

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We are about sales development and sales organization. Success requires a total dedication to the satisfaction of your customer’s needs. This is about attitude. But it is not enough; doing the right things at the right moment to exceed your customers’ expectations requires to be organized. We can help you !

  • 1.Start up new sales.
    Starting up new businesses and markets. We have helped in start-up situations and with startup companies, validating business plans and the all important execution.
  • 2.Organize your salesforce.
    So that every minute of your salesmen delivers the most results, and is used at its best. An organized salesman succeeds.
  • 3.Train your salesforce.
    Motivate them with your level of motivation. Selling is always the most difficult task, and a trained salesman has many more possibilities to close the deal.
  • 4.Develop your Business.
    Structure your sales and business organization, develop it efficient and performing. Are you an established industry or a startup, we can help you to develop.

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JULY 27, 2017

TocTocBox launches new interactive website

TocTocBox® has a new website for the enjoyment of a multidevice service.
One of the first innovative startups in Italy to launch the campaign on CrowdFundMe by collecting € 95,000, is redesigning and evolving its site.
The typical sharing economy service launches a new website that significantly improves usage experience.

An additional lever to allow so many users to easily ship their belongings through the help of so many travelers who are now part of the first TocTocBox sharing community.

The new comes with a clear visual and impact that is consistent with brand look & feel.
A new service content and an immediate home page that allows users to explore with a few clicks the search for items.

For travelers to find items to be sent, or to enter a travel ad. For those wanting to ship an opportunity to send goods and important objects with a trusted community member. The website allows you to enter a shipping ad and to find your ideal traveler.

Creative Thinking Ventures is seed investor in TocTocBox.

JUNE 21, 2017

Worldz is new Media Partner of Crazy Web Shopping

Netcomm, the Italian Electronic Commerce Consortium, the reference point for e-commerce in Italy, and internationally.

This is a key partnership for the startup Worldz.

On June 22 and 23 the fifth edition of Crazy Web Shopping takes place. A 30 hours, non-stop, online purchase event with discounts of up to 80%. It works as follows: in a set time frame, consumers will gain access to highly affordable and exclusive shopping opportunities by hundreds of qualified ecommerce stores.

Worldz has now become media partner of the Crazy Web Shopping initiative (see screen shot).

The next edition is tomorrow, and will be held on starting at 12:00 on June 22, and finishing at 18:00 on June 23.

Want to know more about Worldz? Follow this link.

If you need investment information, please follow this link to Worldz' founding investor.

MAY 31, 2017

Creative Thinking Ventures at WT| Wearable Technologies 2017 Milan

On May 31st, 2017 WT | supporters and enthusiast were invited to meet in Milan to exchange dialogue about the future of wearables!
The event took place at FabriQ, the social innovation incubator of the City of Milan.

Since 2014 the WT | Wearable Technologies Picnic is an informal and fun gathering for everyone interested in wearable technologies, organized by local WT partners. This annual global happening has been organized throughout the entire month of May to gather with other Wearable Techies from local communities to celebrate Wearables and New Technologies.

11:30 - 13:00 Panel Discussion 2 :

"The Market and Trends of the Future", moderated by Francesco Quartuccio, XMetrics VP Marketing&Sales

  •     Marco Nannini, FabriQ Senior Advisor
  •     Stefano Mizio e Carla Vegetti, Innovits Lab
  •     Marnix Groet, Creative Thinking Ventures
  •     Donato Gagliardi, GlassUp
  •     Emiliano Parini, Deed S.r.l
  •     Emanuele Lettieri, Politecnico di Milano


For information on the event on eventbrite, follow this link.

MAY 2017

Sharewood wins the Consumer Tech Award - Millennial "Traveller" in London

Sharewood wins the Millennial Traveller at #M2020 !

Piercarlo Mansueto, the CEO of startup Sharewood does it again, and wins the Travel & Hospitality category finals at the Millennial 20/20 Summit in London, at the Old Truman Brewery. With the presence and support of Danilo Mazzara.

Great Job. This event is promoted by Accenture Travel, Forbes, CNBC, The Economist and Samsung.

Also in the finals were Conichi and Esplorio.

Creative Thinking Ventures is founding investor in Sharewood.

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