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We operate since 2009: we build on the original ideas in businesses and search for the creativity in the approach to market.

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What we do

Creative Thinking Ventures helps to start up new companies providing initial capital such as pre-seed funding, an advisory service for startups and business development consultancy for SMEs.

Pre seed

This is earliest stage, when there is almost nothing but ideas and where the startup, most of the times, is not even formed.


We offer an approach very close to the CEO and his team in order to assess the risk and often the risk of turning into benefits for the company itself .

Business plans

This is the main tool for the startupper himself, and for investors as well, to evaluate the idea and its strengths and weaknesses, plusses and minuses, market growth and maturity of concept.


In this phase the capital investment happens in the start of production, when the company already exists, but the commercial potential of the product or service is still unknown

latest projects

Successfull supported startups since 2009.


October 2014 - Allpolyglot, the revolution in learning foreign languages, exchange "live" lessons



Allpolyglot is a marketplace for “live” Peer 2 Peer foreign language lessons. A web space and platform for sharing with others your personal knowledge of your country, language and culture.

Allpolyglot is open to anyone and has few rules and boundaries. For example anyone can be a teacher as long as it is his own mother tongue, and the point of control is the evaluation of his performance by the student feedback. And anyone can be a student where and when it is most convenient for him.

The common interest of teacher and student for a profession or a hobby makes it possible to learn quickly by speaking face to face, easily and having fun.

Allpolyglot is managed by a team of experienced international professionals who have “lived” the cultural shock of living abroad.

The website is currently off-line and under revision, for improvement.


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May 2015 - TocTocBox is a Peer 2 Peer parcel delivery service.

Typical of the sharingeconomy, TocTocBox puts people who live a working life in contact. Where people who travel regularly on a route, or travel for leisure to another city, are put into contact with people needing an accurate and fast delivery. Performed personally by the chosen peer.

The quality of service is certified by the feedback given to users.

The App works seamlessly to make contact and service easy in a step by step guided process.

The team is made up of professionals who are complementary in their background.

TocTocBox has successfully raised seed money with a equity crowdfunding campaign, which was the seventh completed in Italy.

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July 2015 - Sharewood is a vertical community of sports and outdoor enthusiasts.  And a marketplace as well, though the sharing economy between users is definitely prominent.

A community of people with a common interest for outdoor activity, and a marketplace for renting the equipment that goes with it. Sharewood has thousands of users who share the common interest for an active and sporty lifestyle.

The startup is managed by a young and dynamic team of founders and developers, who are 100% on the project, to develop Sharewood in Europe. And the results are clearly visible in the metrics and traction.

This team is a perfect fit with their community.



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January 2016 - Worldz is a potentially disruptive innovation on the web. It uses the theory of WOMM (word of mouth marketing) to increase e-commerce impact and conversions.

On one side it Worldz provides a network for e-commerce based businesses, which allows companies to increase their commercial impact and sales conversions . On the other side it also deals with customers individually, rewarding popularity, and assuring a deeper customer loyalty towards these web based businesses.

Worldz is also a tool/plugin specifically designed for e-commerce. Through an algorithm, it understands users popularity and impact on Facebook and it gives them an economic value. This value is then used as a discount for their purchases with e-commerce partners.

The start up's slogan “Share more, pay Less” reflects the underlying social innovation.

The team is being completed and 100% on the project. Woldz is guided by a visionary and creative leader, fully equipped to bring the talent of the team to disrupt the current paradigm in commerce.

Worldz is a work in progress for us.

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We are about sales development and sales organization. Success requires a total dedication to the satisfaction of your customer’s needs. This is about attitude. But it is not enough; doing the right things at the right moment to exceed your customers’ expectations requires to be organized. We can help you !

  • 1.Start up new sales.
    Starting up new businesses and markets. We have helped in start-up situations and with startup companies, validating business plans and the all important execution.
  • 2.Organize your salesforce.
    So that every minute of your salesmen delivers the most results, and is used at its best. An organized salesman succeeds.
  • 3.Train your salesforce.
    Motivate them with your level of motivation. Selling is always the most difficult task, and a trained salesman has many more possibilities to close the deal.
  • 4.Develop your Business.
    Structure your sales and business organization, develop it efficient and performing. Are you an established industry or a startup, we can help you to develop.

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October 2016

TocTocBox on Eppela crowdfunding platform is now on the Eppela reward crowdfunding platform. The campaign started on September 29 and will last for 40 days to find supporters and contributors for this sharing economy startup, which offers an essential service to the whole community.

The funds raised through Eppela will be used to:

a) fund the development of a responsive website in order to extend the possibilities of use of TocTocBox to desktop PC's, and integrate the already existing mobile apps for iOS and Android;

b) support, on a more continuous basis, the massive dissemination of the service through expansion of the community of users, this is required to improve the service itself.

For more information go to in the section projects.

TocTocBox is the first collaborative platform that connects those who want to send with those who travel. To offer a service which is beneficial and reliable. So, shipping is made easier with verified travelers, and, also, traveling becomes more affordable, by covering part of your expenses.


October 2016

Sharewood started crowdfunding campaign on

Sharewood has started a highly anticipated campaign of crowdfunding on the renowned Italian CrowdFundMe platform.

This is a great chance to become part of this cohesive outdoor sports community! As a co-owner of this promising startup. is the first peer-to-peer platform in Europe that connects the owners of sports equipment such as bikes, skis, surfboards, with travelers interested in renting them.

The rental market of sports equipment has long existed, but the approach of Sharewood is totally new: linking, easily and simply, people who until now had difficulty to meet.

The rental process is quick and easy. Found the required category of equipment, and entered the place of withdrawal, in a few clicks you can choose between the various products, submit your request to the owners and complete the process with the payment.

On the other hand, for sports equipment owners, Sharewood is a very simple way to access an additional source of income, transforming equipment accumulated over the years in an economic value and revenue.

June 2016

Sharewood wins the finals at Edison Pulse #IW16 - StartupItalia! for category #sharingeconomy wins the Edison Pulse competition #IW16, organized with StartupItalia and presented by Arcangelo Rocciola and Riccardo Luna. Supported by David Casalini.

Piercarlo Mansueto did a convincing pitch to the qualified jury and explained the reasons for the success of the startup in outdoor sports. Developing an living community of active enthusiasts.

In the picture Piercarlo, Giulia Trombin and Andrea Panzeri holding the prize they just received.

The service offered is typical of the sharing economy, and responds to a real need, and has popularity with sports practitioners, and Italian and foreign tourists. Who want to pick up their equipment directly in Italy, while on holiday.

50% of users are Italian while the other 50% of users come from abroad.

January 2016

Invited on the expert panel of #diventaunamusa organized by MIP and Innovits

InnoVits Gymnasium is a "gym" for the development of start-ups, in which a team of mentors and tutors with professional experience in different fields, and certified by InnoVits Academy, follows promising new companies, in an accelerated path that applies and develops business ideas, according to a structured program.

In collaboration with MIP, InnoVits helps to spread the culture of innovation through an experiential approach, with the aim of forming reference points for businesses, and new inspiring muses, for the practical implementation of new business initiatives.

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